14. februar 2015

Nyopood, Steinhart Sensing Systems og Vapentidningen

Nyopood = NeoPod Kjært barn mange navn! I Thomas Hauglands artikkel for fans av Blaser i Vapentidningen nr 1/2015 omtaler han vår kommende tofot. Vi takker for oppmerksomheten, men vil gjerne komme med et par rettelser: Nyopood = NeoPod Steinhart Sensing Systems = Steinert Sensing Systems Ellers takk for en fin artikkel. En liten detalj bare: […]

1. januar 2015

Tripod for the SuperChrono

Perfect tripod with ball head for the SuperChrono You need a tripod with a ball head to properly align the SuperChrono acoustic shooting chronograph. Here’s our favourite, the Manfrotto Compact Action. We agree with Manfrotto: «The ergonomic joystick head with scroll-wheel locking mechanism is very intuitive and easy-to-use» More information on the Manfrotto website

26. oktober 2014

NeoPod hunting bipod adapter roundup October 2014

We believe that the most important aspect of a hunting bipod, apart from helping you make that perfect shot of course, is low weight. It has to be attached to your rifle somehow and we’ve put a lot of effort into designing lightweight adapters that require no gunsmithing. Here’s a roundup of the current adapters […]

5. oktober 2014

NeoPod Update October 2014

We’re just back from the annual ptarmigan hunt in Finnmark, Norway. This is what Alaska is to the US and as remote as it gets. What you see on the horizon in the image below is the Barents Sea. Next stop is Spitzbergen and thereafter the North Pole. This area offers excellent ptarmigan hunting to […]

27. august 2014

Update on the SuperChrono Pro

We regret to inform you that we will not start production of the wireless version of the SuperChrono. The reason is that the cost of adding wifi capability is just too high to make the product commercially viable. This is due the economics of small scale production, which is a different world from production of […]

9. mai 2013

Successful test of ultralight bipod

Successful test of ultralight bipod Last week we were in Africa and performed extensive tests of our ultralight bipod. The tests of the bipods and different adapters went very well. We hunted in broken bush country with few level places to lay down and shoot from a bipod. However, when we had the opportunity, it was […]

31. mai 2012

ChronoTarget Prototype

We’ve got some great products coming your way. The big one is ChronoTarget, a twist on the acoustic LOMAH (Location of Hit and Miss) systems used by the military for electronic targets. The system is basically the SuperChrono with two more sensors. The SuperChrono’s microphones detect the velocity of the passing bullet, and we use […]

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