27. august 2014

Update on the SuperChrono Pro

We regret to inform you that we will not start production of the wireless version of the SuperChrono. The reason is that the cost of adding wifi capability is just too high to make the product commercially viable. This is due the economics of small scale production, which is a different world from production of high volume products such as smartphones.

We are grateful for the interest you have shown in this product. We have presentation software for various devices, and who knows, one day we’ll find components with the right cost and the SuperChrono Pro will become reality.

As a company we will focus on the two new products in the pipeline. The Neopod carbon fiber bipod is at 85 grams the best news for ages for anyone looking for ultralight gear. The ChronoTarget wireless electronic target makes it cheaper and more convenient than ever before to set up a high volume electronic shooting range.

The SuperChrono sells well in all markets, including defense, where it has been adopted by special forces in four countries. This is the first chronograph for rifle shooters that works anytime with no worries about change of point of impact.

The SuperChrono, NeoPod and ChronoTarget are all the first of their kind. The SuperChrono Pro didn’t pan out but more groundbreaking products will certainly follow.