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15. april 2017

NeoPod Ultralight Hunting Bipod and (Blaser) wooden stocks

The NeoPod universal adapter is designed for sling swivel studs mounted on the underside of the forearm. It works equally well with US 8mm studs and European 6mm studs.   Shown above are GrovTec sling swivel studs. Here’s a Blaser with wood screw sling swivel stud fitted horizontally: There is no NeoPod adapter for this kind […]

13. april 2017

How to replace parts on the NeoPod Ultralight Hunting Bipod

The NeoPod consists of three main parts: right and left legs and the central section, or yoke. To replace any of these parts follow the steps below. You’ll need a 3mm hex/allen/unbraco wrench: Make a note of the torque applied to the screws Disassemble the legs from the yoke. It should look like this: Remove […]

12. april 2017

NeoPod Ultralight Hunting Bipod user guide

The NeoPod Ultralight Hunting Bipod comes with hinges. The gun should recoil freely backwards straight into your shoulder. You should be able to tell from the recoil whether you’ve made a good shot or not. If you own an Atlas, you’ll know what we mean. To make this happen, do not push forward with excessive force. Just […]

11. april 2017

Shooting technique with the NeoPod Ultralight Hunting Bipod

The NeoPod Ultralight Hunting Bipod has been designed with hinges. This is to let the gun recoil freely in a straight line into your shoulder. You should be able to tell from the recoil whether you’ve made a good shot or not. To make this work preload the bipod: just take up the slack between […]

9. november 2016

The Mauser M12 adapter is here!

The M12 is probably the the most exciting, new bolt rifle on the market today. We’re pleased to announce that you now can complement it with the bipod it deserves; the NeoPod© Ultralight Hunting Bipod. The adapter replaces the factory fitted sling swivel  at the front of the stock of the Extreme, Impact and Trail models […]

14. oktober 2016

Thomas Haugland bipod shootout

In Longrange blog 172 Thomas Haugland compares RPS, Versapod, Atlas and NeoPod for precision. Click on image to view video.

11. mai 2016

«This bipod has a very unique, well thought out design»

NeoPod Ultralight Hunting Bipod reviewed by Mike Trenholm in Long Range Hunting Magazine Online Some excerpts from the review: «The extension stops are secure clicks and operate very smoothly. The legs deploy easily from the stowed forward position and lock down with a cam over type mechanism. To retract, you simply pull away from the […]

4. april 2016

Upgraded center section for the NeoPod

Stronger and more flexible version of the central yoke standard from April 2016 There has been reports of breakage of the central section of the NeoPod. The test team has shot hundreds of pieces of game with bipod over the last years without ever experiencing similar failures. Our investigations revealed that it was all down […]

17. februar 2016

Sauer adapter for NeoPod now shipping

We are pleased to announce that the much awaited NeoPod adapter for Sauer is now shipping. The adapter replaces the push button at the tip of the forend on Sauer 202, 303 and 404.For the first time it’s possible to attach a bipod to to a Sauer without making alterations to the gun. The easiest […]

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