11. mai 2016

«This bipod has a very unique, well thought out design»

NeoPod Ultralight Hunting Bipod reviewed by Mike Trenholm in Long Range Hunting Magazine Online

Some excerpts from the review:

«The extension stops are secure clicks and operate very smoothly. The legs deploy easily from the stowed forward position and lock down with a cam over type mechanism. To retract, you simply pull away from the mount about 1/4” and move forward to the stowed position.

When the legs are in the forward position there is a powerful magnet that holds them together and keeps them from making noise while moving. I tested the Neopod from the prone position and from over my hunting pack. As I expected, the legs were very easy to deploy, and I was able to load up the Neopod for proper shoulder pressure. The Neopod’s legs have rubber covered foot pads that are “sticky” enough to hold on most surfaces.»


«This bipod has a very unique, well thought out design. The Neopod Ultralight Hunting Bipod is lightweight, simple to attach, quick to deploy and easy to adjust for various field shooting situations. Neopod markets this unit as a hunting bipod, and I agree that the Neopod is best considered a field/hunting system.»


– Super lightweight and strong
– Easily attached and removed once mounting bayonet installed on rifle
– Easily adjustable leg length and deployment


– No tension adjustment for cant
– Very limited panning range»

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