11. april 2017

Shooting technique with the NeoPod Ultralight Hunting Bipod

The NeoPod Ultralight Hunting Bipod has been designed with hinges. This is to let the gun recoil freely in a straight line into your shoulder. You should be able to tell from the recoil whether you’ve made a good shot or not.

To make this work preload the bipod: just take up the slack between the bipod, gun and yourself and squeeze off the shot.

The NeoPod  is not designed for a hard forward push. The main reason for this is that the NeoPod is supposed to be used in a hunting situation, not on a smooth and level range. Out hunting one leg of the bipod might be on a rock, the other on moss. Push with force and the recoil will make the leg on the moss will slip first, moving your shot in that direction.

You may find yourself in an awkward position with your body wedged between rocks on a slope. In such a situation it’s impossible to apply the same amount of pressure every time. The result of uneven shoulder pressure is horizontal stringing of the shots. Even if you decide to press hard on you bipod on the range, be aware that you introduce angles into the system. Push too hard with your shoulder and the shots will land at 8 o’clock.

The best video on the topic is this one from Gunwerks. Click on the image to view it.


If you want to get seriously involved in bipod shooting, read this article on F Class shooting by the Victorian Rifle Association: (Click on image below)

Our best advice is to experiment until you find your own consistent technique. Book a day at the range and try firm or soft trigger hand grip, tensed or relaxed shoulder, collapsed or extended bipod legs, soft or hard cheek weld, full contact or no contact with the butt, angled position vs straight behind the gun, soft or hard surface, etc, etc. By closely observing your shots you should find the your method for making the shots group just the way you want it.