31. mai 2012

ChronoTarget Prototype

We’ve got some great products coming your way. The big one is ChronoTarget, a twist on the acoustic LOMAH (Location of Hit and Miss) systems used by the military for electronic targets. The system is basically the SuperChrono with two more sensors. The SuperChrono’s microphones detect the velocity of the passing bullet, and we use this reading and our supersonic shockwave processing technology to determine the shape of the Mach cone. Input from the additional microphones is used to triangulate the centre of the cone, which is where the bullet hits.

This is determined with a precision of plus or minus 5 millimetres (0.2 inches).

Here’s a picture of the prototype. The black dots on top of the plastic are the four sensors.

Here’s another picture of the SuperChrono fitted with a ballistic shield to protect the electronics. Inside, there is enough Hardox steel to stop a .375 H&H magnum coupled with a layer of ballistic rubber to stop ricochets.

The white rod on the side is the Wi-Fi antenna. There is obviously a chance that this will be hit by a bullet when mounted in this manner. Luckily there are ways to position it up to six feet away. For long-range shooting over 200 metres or for ranges, a much smaller antenna coupled with an access point is the solution.

By using Wi-Fi you can see the hits and bullet velocities on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

The ChronoTarget promises to be the first really cheap electronic target. It requires no infrastructure other than your mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac. Targets can be printed in any design and we are looking forward to testing sight-in targets.