13. november 2016

«It was a brilliant success»

Irish Shooter’s Digest extols the benefits of the SuperChrono over optical chronographs in the October 2016 issue. Some excerpts: «Then a couple of years back, … I aquired one [SuperChrono]. – It was a brilliant success» «I could now chronograph my rifle in any weather or light conditions because the SuperChrono detects the shockwave of a […]

9. desember 2015

Gun Mart: «The SuperChrono proved surprisingly quick to set-up and pleasingly versatile»

The official website for Gun Mart Magazine, What Gun? and Shooting Sports Magazine has tested the SuperChrono and concludes: «The Superchrono proved surprisingly quick to set-up and pleasingly versatile, since it can be placed safely and effectively anywhere along the bullet path, and because changing rifles requires no intervention (the Magnetospeed’s Achilles’ heel). But its accuracy […]

16. mai 2015

Data driven analysis of chronograph test from a book by Bryan Litz

Chronograph test in «Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting Vol I» by Bryan Litz In his book «Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting Vol I», Bryan Litz dedicates  chapter 15 to the testing of chronographs. On page 221 he sets out the following criteria for evaluating chronographs: ”Accuracy is the ability of the chronograph to measure the true […]

1. januar 2015

Tripod for the SuperChrono

Perfect tripod with ball head for the SuperChrono You need a tripod with a ball head to properly align the SuperChrono acoustic shooting chronograph. Here’s our favourite, the Manfrotto Compact Action. We agree with Manfrotto: «The ergonomic joystick head with scroll-wheel locking mechanism is very intuitive and easy-to-use» More information on the Manfrotto website

27. august 2014

Update on the SuperChrono Pro

We regret to inform you that we will not start production of the wireless version of the SuperChrono. The reason is that the cost of adding wifi capability is just too high to make the product commercially viable. This is due the economics of small scale production, which is a different world from production of […]

26. august 2014

SuperChrono reviewed by

«During the most recent session I set the Steinert up at 300m just in front of a practice Fly target to see how my 150gr Accubond Long Range bullets are travelling down range. Every shot was recorded without a hitch and to my surprise velocities were very close with what my Nightforce Ballistics program predicted […]

25. mai 2014

Rod & Rifle: «An absolute game changer»

The New Zealand magazine Rod & Rifle has reviewed the SuperChrono acoustic shooting chronograph. Under the header «An Absolute Game Changer» the article goes into details about the chronograph and concludes with a comparison test: «I tested the SuperChrono in conjunction with the well respected Oehler 35 Proof chronograph. The Oehler has been the industry […]