26. august 2014

SuperChrono reviewed by

«During the most recent session I set the Steinert up at 300m just in front of a practice Fly target to see how my 150gr Accubond Long Range bullets are travelling down range. Every shot was recorded without a hitch and to my surprise velocities were very close with what my Nightforce Ballistics program predicted using Nosler’s published G1 BC of .625 for these bullets. Based on these 300m results, maybe Nosler aren’t being overly optimistic with their figures. But more importantly, what this last test demonstrates is the ability of the reloader to now accurately measure actual bullet performance downrange using the Steinert Superchrono. For the long range specialist, the ability to do this easily, should not be underestimated, whether that be simply plotting an accurate real world drop chart for your favourite load or entering measured BC of a bullet into your ballistics calculator.»

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