25. mai 2014

Rod & Rifle: «An absolute game changer»

The New Zealand magazine Rod & Rifle has reviewed the SuperChrono acoustic shooting chronograph. Under the header «An Absolute Game Changer» the article goes into details about the chronograph and concludes with a comparison test:

«I tested the SuperChrono in conjunction with the well respected Oehler 35 Proof chronograph. The Oehler has been the industry standard for commercial chronographs for the best part of two decades and is used by ammunition manufacturers as well as military institutions.»

«The results were impressive in their consistency, the SuperChrono higher by maximum of .03 of a percent. The Oehler average during this string of shots was 2735.9 FPS and the SuperChrono showed 2736.6 FPS. A less than 1 FPS averaged over 18 shots.

«The SuperChrono impressed me; it is a much easier unit to use than its competition, set up at the range is two-minute job, it is unaffected by the environment and it’s accurate.»

«I do note that it never once missed recording a shot…»

The reviewer concludes on the following note:

«My verdict is as you would guess is overwhelmingly positive. This is  a well designed and engineered product. It is the best chronograph I have used and I will be buying one.»

Follow this link to read the article as PDF

Rod & Reel page 91

Rod & Reel page 92