Tests & Reviews

9. desember 2015

Can You Afford Not To Shoot Lighter?

Christopher from UK distributor Countrysports Wholesale sent us this amazing photo. He posted his experience using the NeoPod on the company blog. Some excerpts: «We were on the hill for three hours before we came across our first stag, further down the slope. We managed to crawl into a patch of high grass, the quiet […]

john1911.com: «NEOPOD: A High Quality Plastic Bipod?»

john1911.com comments on the NeoPod: «Enter the Neopod. It’s designed to use spigot systems (like the Blaser, AI, TRG), it’s super light weight at 100 grams, it’s easily loadable like an Atlas Bipod (my current gold-standard bipod), has rounded rubber feet that work well on both hard cement and natural surfaces, actually deploys quickly with […]

Gun Mart: «The SuperChrono proved surprisingly quick to set-up and pleasingly versatile»

The official website for Gun Mart Magazine, What Gun? and Shooting Sports Magazine has tested the SuperChrono and concludes: «The Superchrono proved surprisingly quick to set-up and pleasingly versatile, since it can be placed safely and effectively anywhere along the bullet path, and because changing rifles requires no intervention (the Magnetospeed’s Achilles’ heel). But its accuracy […]