25. oktober 2015

Rifle Shooter Magazine: «This extremely lightweight, strong and compact bipod surpasses all expectations»

The UK magazine Rifle Shooter Magazine has published a glowing review of the NeoPod. Some excerpts:

«When shooting, I found the bipod fantastic; there was a symbiotic relationship with lighter sporting rifle stocks, as the bipod not only offered stability in the aim, but also discouraged clumsy handling of their often flexible fore-ends that can have them intermittently pressing up againstthe barrel.»

«… I will put my name against this product and I will be using it on sporting rifles – it’s a cracker!»

«I’m fully aware of my shortcomings when shooting light sporting rifles and I will dare to say that this bipod has taught me more and enabled me to shoot better with light sporters. Thoroughly recommended!»

Read the test here