5. november 2013

Convincing test at the National Proofhouse in Italy

Convincing test of the SuperChrono at the National Proofhouse in Italy

The national proofhouse at Gardone, Brescia  employs a STAS IRBA to test bullet velocities. This is a state of the art chronograph that comes at a price of €30,000 ($40,500). On October 28th it was used to test the precision of the SuperChrono along with two PVM 21/BMC 18 from Kurtzzeit. These are priced at €760 in Europe and $750 in the US.

The image below shows the setup with a SuperChrono in front followed by the IRBA and two PVMs.

Brescia proofhouse

Below are the data from the test shooting:

STAS vs SuperChrono point

As you can see, the SuperChrono readings are on the average just .3% from the STAS’s. The PVMs show a slightly higher deviation than the SuperChrono. Where the SuperChrono has a deviation of 7.4 ft/s below the average of the STAS, the PVMs are respectively 13.6 and 10.5 ft/s above.

The SuperChrono has a higher precision than the PMV 21. A great bargain, considering it cost only half as much. The STAS costs almost 100 times more than the SuperChrono and the difference in speed readings is only .3%!

This proves again the validity of the acoustic principle and tallies with the convincing test in the German weapons magazine Visier.

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